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Hutt Shutts Bar Location

We are Here at Coordinates: 1038'54"N   6121'14"W

Great Location for a Good Trini Lime

For all  those Trinidadians, Tobagonians, and visitors to our cosmopolitan society, looking for the ideal Trini lime, Hutt Shutts is located in a very easy to find and convenient location.

A great liming spot in East Trinidad, built like a medieval castle and nestled in the foothills of the Northern Range, but conveniently close to and just north of the busy bustling Eastern Main Road in Arouca. With modern indoor sports and bar facilities, it's just the place to be after work, or to briefly drop in to get away from the maddening crowds on the Main Road. A place  where you can sip a cold drink, have your favorite food or watch a football match on our widescreen LCD television monitors. Drop in sometime and judge for yourself.


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